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Neurotec Pharma possesses a rich experience working in research in the central nervous system (CNS). Its research profile goes from molecular biology to in vivo essays. Neurotec´s research is sustained by its own facilities but also by the support of the scientific-technologic services located at the Barcelona Scientific Park (PCB). Neurotec technological platform is available for other companies and research group as a service or for the development of joint projects.

There are some examples of what we actually do at Neurotec Pharma:


IN VITRO studies

Primary cultures and cell lines from Glia and Neurons:
Pure and mixed co-cultures
Glial and neuronal cell lines

Pharmacological screening:
Neuroinflammatory response

Searching for mechanisms:
ELISA and others immunoassays
Viability and cell survival & proliferation
Immunocytochemical & Immunofluorescence
Cell sorting and cytometry
Molecular biology: genomics and proteomics



Models for CNS diseases:
EAE mice models for Multiple Sclerosis
Transgenic mSOD1G93A mice models for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
tMCAO rats and other models of ischemia / hipoxia
Stereotaxic excitotoxicity

Treatment/Response assays:
Clinical evaluation and drug administration
Neuroscoring and functional / behavioral tests

Sample analysis:
Basic Histology
Histochemical and Immunohistochemical assays
Immunofluorescence, cell sorting and cytometry
Molecular biology: genomics and proteomics