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Neurotec Pharma centres its activity on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for acute and chronic central nervous system (CNS) diseases that occur with inflammation and/or neurodegeneration such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson (PD) and Alzheimer disease (AD), among others.

The proposed innovations are based on the possibility of controlling the activity of microglial cells by the identification of specific targets that can be modulated by pharmacological action obtaining neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. The treatments under developing in the company are effective at very low doses and are extremely safe and without side effects. Another added advantage is that our therapeutic agents can be administered orally, a fact which is important for the treatment of chronic and debilitating diseases such as MS or ALS.

Neurotec initially focused its activities on the development of a new therapeutic application for neuroprotection in cerebral ischemia and has an attractive package of preclinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the drugs developed. As part of this project, Neurotec has granted a European patent covering the use of radiolabelled drug for diagnostic purposes. Currently, the company is developing a new oral treatment for MS and plans to conduct a Clinical Phase IIa in patients during the first half of 2011. Finally, the company has begun the development of an oral therapeutic application for ALS identifying the candidate molecule in vitro and performing a first proof of concept in an accepted animal model of the disease.