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NT-KO-003: Clinical Phase IIa in Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RR-MS)

NT-KO-003 film coated tablets is a novel oral product for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. NT-KO-003 has shown encouraging results in an accepted Multiple Sclerosis (MS) animal model both in pre-treatment and post-treatment study designs. Preclinical studies in this model demonstrated that N-KO-003 was able to ameliorate the clinical and histological course of treated animals.

Oral administration of NT-KO-003 clearly improved the clinical score and spinal cord damage showing less demyelization, a decreased glial and macrophage reactivity and neuroprotection. In addition, NT-KO-003 showed a high safety profile for oral chronic treatment in animals.

It is expected NT-KO-003 will inhibit microglia activation modifying the severity of the disease and preventing neuronal damage secondary to inflammation which plays a central role in the cascade of events culminating in the demyelization characteristic of MS.

Based on these positive results, Neurotec Pharma and ADAVANCELL will conduct a clinical Phase IIa study of the drug in MS patients in April 2011 Results of the Phase IIa clinical study with NT-KO-003 are expected in early 2013.

All together these results make the compound a potential candidate for becoming a new treatment for MS.

The project is partially supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2008-2011 (IPT-010000-2010-035) as well as European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)