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Neurotec works with in vitro and in vivo technologies for pharmacological screening and to optimize the development of candidate molecules for its use in central nervous system (CNS) diseases involving inflammation and neurodegeneration.

Neurotec’s headquarter and laboratories are located in the Bioincubator PCB-Santander in the heart of Barcelona Science Park. The company currently has 40 m2 of laboratories and 12 m2 of office housed in the Hèlix Building of PCB. It is planned to double the current space during the biennium 2011-2013.

Standard biochemical, histochemical and immunohistochemical equipments, microscopes, and cell culture facilities are available in the company. Classical histology, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, biochemical essay (enzyme activity) or basic molecular biology (RT-PCR, Western blot) are the most frequently used tools in our laboratories. An international scientific team of researchers carries these activities on and they are experts in interdisciplinary functional approaches of neuroscience.