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Universem Project

The UNIVERSEM Project has been developed during the 2008-2010 bienium by BIOTEIC GINY AIE, a reference consortium in therapeutic research and diagnostics tools for neurodegenerative diseases.

The biotechnological companies which integrates this consortium are:
- Neurotec Pharma,
- Aromics, biotechnological company specialized in functional genomics and proteomics technologies and their application in research and development of new therapies and diagnostic products
- Aleria Biodevices, company dedicated to the development of technology and tools based on electrophysiological systems for screening of potential drugs for its use in CNS diseases.
- Medivet Pharma, biotechnological company focused on the development of immunological products as well as the diagnostics tools for neurodegenerative diseases associated with brain aging.

The principal objectives of the consortium were the characterization of new therapeutic solutions and diagnosis for multiple sclerosis (MS).


Specifically, major achievements reached have been:
- The development of an oral treatment for MS based on a novel mechanism of action,
- The development of an innovative technological tool for the evaluation of neural response to drugs that can be used as a system for screening.
- Identification of molecular markers for diagnosis and prognosis of MS through the application of advanced technologies in genomics and proteomics and
- Identification of the model of immune response to the proposed treatment.

This project has the support of the Generalitat of Catalunya through the Catalan Government agency ACC1Ó which has funded 40% of project costs of an overall of 1.1 million euros total budget.